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How to buy tickets for the Club World Cup 2016



We have listed several ways you can purchase Club World Cup tickets and its pros & cons


  • Purchase tickets online at an official vender by clicking on the links provided below.



    You can purchase tickets at face value if they are not sold out. Some of the official vendor’s provide English websites/customer support for international buyers.  Specificall speaking, L-ticket has English website.



    Some official ticket vendors do not have English websites, making it near impossible to buy tickets for international buyers.  Even if the websites are translated into English, they are very hard to navigate and not very intuitive.  Lastly, tickets often sell out instantly, so be mindful of the on-sale dates.

    Club World Cup Official Tickets Venders

  • Lawson Ticket:
  • Ticket JFA (Japan Football Association):
  • Ticket Pia:
  • Eplus (e+):




  • Purchase online at a ticket marketplace


    You can purchase your tickets via a global ticket marketplace through the links provided below.



    Website language and currency can be toggled to your preferred settings.  Website is very intuitive and tickets come with a guarantee.  Also, since this is a ticket marketplace, people can choose to sell tickets above or below face value.  Oftentimes, tickets will be listed for below the face value, making it cheaper than buying it at the official website!




    Tickets can potentially be sent to customers at the last minute, so make sure you communicate your travel plans and hotel reservation with the ticket marketplace company clearly.  If you are asking them to send to a hotel in Japan, make sure you give them the correct reservation name or the hotel may refuse to accept your tickets if even they are sent.



    List of Club World Cup Ticket Marketplace


    Name of the Website URL
    Ticket Camp



  • Purchase at Convenience Store, such as Lawson, Family Mart and 7-Eleven





    You find convenience store almost every block in big cities in Japan, and each store have self-service electronic ticket dispending system.




    Buyer can walk into any convenience store and purchase a ticket through a machine.  You can switch language into English and several other languages, and you can pay & print out ticket at the same store.



    Popular tickets, such as tickets for the Club World Cup, tend to sell out right after general on-sale so it will be very difficult to secure tickets through a convenience store.



  • Purchase over the phone


    Each official primary ticket selling companies listed below are likely to have phone lines open to purchase.



    You can buy a ticket with just one phone call.



    In most cases, phone operators do not speak English.

I hope you have some idea about how to buy tickets for Club World Cup 2016.

It’s time to learn more about what is worldwide football fewstival aka FIFA Club World Cup!



What is the FIFA Club World Cup? (FCWC/CWC)



The FIFA Club World Cup (FCWC/CWC) is an international football club tournament between the winners of 6 competing continents plus the national champion club of the host country.





When is the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2016?


According to FIFA, the Club World Cup 2016 will be held in December 2016.


Opening Game: December 08 (Thursday)

Final: December 18 (Sunday)


Event details will be updated on our website as soon as its information is released.




Where will the Club World Cup be held?


2 stadiums will be used for Club World Cup 2016, one each in Yokohama and Osaka.






Stadium: International Stadium Yokohama (Nissan Stadium)

Address: 3300 Kozukuecho, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama, 222-0036


Yokohama city is one of the biggest cities in Japan and is located west of Tokyo. It takes about 30min by train ride from major stations in Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Shibuya and Tokyo to get there. Scenic views such as a waterfront city and a sprawling Chinatownfull of delicious eateries attract travellers from all over the world.









Stadium: Suita City Football Stadium 

Address: 3-3 Senribanpakukoen, Suita city, Osaka, 565-0826

Osaka is a major city in the Kansai area (west side) of Japan and is known for its fun vibe and unique food culture.It takes about 2 and half hours by bullet train (Japan Rail Pass is recommended) to travel between Tokyo and Osaka. Flying by plane or taking a long distance bus are also popular options.








Which teams are playing?





CAF Champions League finals will be taken place between 14 – 23 October.





The AFC Champions League final will take place on 19 and 26 November.





Real Madrid – Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final on 28 May, 2016, securing their position in the FIFA Club World Cup 2016.




North, Central America and Caribbean

Club América – Club America of Mexico (Club América) has won their regional champions league and secured their spot to play in Japan.






Auckland City FC – Auckland City FC from New Zealanddefeated Wellington in the 2016 OFC Champions League final, qualifying for the Club World Cup Japan 2016.




South America




The final of The Copa Libertadores de América will take place on 20th and 27th of July 2016.






The final of J-League will take placefrom November 29th to December 3rd.






We hope you now have a better understanding of purchasing tickets for the Club World Cup 2016 in Japan!


Here’s an image of zen bonsai tree and club world cup trophy


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