All about BABYMETAL live tickets in Japan


BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2016 LEGEND – METAL RESISTANCE – RED NIGHT & BLACK NIGHT will be held in September 2016, and here’s guide to how to buy tickets.


Live info



September 19th, 2016 (Mon/Holiday)

Venue: Tokyo Dome

OPEN 16:00 / START 18:00



September 20th, 2016 (Tue)

Venue: Tokyo Dome

OPEN 16:00 / START 18:00


Here’s a video of their newest song ‘The One’ from BABYMETAL’s New Album 「METAL RESISTANCE」

Don’t you wanna see their energetic and cool live performance in Tokyo?



Tickets general info


There are 2 kinds of tickets and both of them are reserved seating.


 ・THE ONE SEAT ¥12,800

 ・MOSH’SH SEAT ¥8,800


General on-sale date of tickets is


August 27th, 2016 (Sat) 10AM~



How to purchase BABYMETAL ticket?


Even Tokyo Dome is the biggest concert venue in Japan, it is still competitive to get BABYMETAL tickets. We have listed several ways to secure your seat and rock the concert.


  1. Use Primary websitePia, Lawson Ticket and eplus are 3 major official ticket venders. They are likely to sell Babymetal ticket from general on-sale date via their Website, phone and ticket vending machine at convenience store.
  2. Purchase via ticket online marketplaceYou can buy & sell your live event tickets at ticket marketplace such as viagogo.prosPros of using such website are you can usually find someone who wants to sell tickets for popular events with reasonable price, and your purchase is guaranteed by viagogo so your purchase is secured. The only thing you need to take it into consider is that some sellers send tickets very close to the event date. To avoid hustle, it is important to update your delivery address to local address (such as hotel you are staying in Tokyo) so you can receive your tickets safely.



  1. Become a fan club memberTHE ONE is the name of BABYMETAL’s fan club name, and THE ONE SEAT (12,800 JPY) is sold to FC members ONLY. Since FC seat is more expensive than other seats, we expect that this is similar to VIP seat in other concert. It will be worth worth paying extra to buy guaranteed better seats, since Tokyo Dome is such a huge venue so your satisfaction is hugely depends on the location of your seat. On top of that, there are towels and some other special goods that only Fan Club members can purchase.




More about BABYMETAL




These 3 girls are BABYMETAL: SU-METAL (Center, Vocal & Dance), YUIMETAL (Left, Scream & Dance) and MOAMETAL (Right, Scream & Dance). They have established unique fusion style of heavy metal and Japanese pop idol called ‘Kawaii metal’. They debuted in 2010 and they expand their popularity every year to global standard. Their supporting band is named ‘Kami Band’ (meaning: Gods of Metal) and they contribute to Baby metal’s music as well.


 Image of Kami Bandkamiband




Collaboration with other musicians – Lady Gaga, Judas Priest & Skrillex


BABYMETAL collaborated with many big artists so far, on top of meeting METALLICA. Here are some of them.


  • Lady Gaga chose BABYMETAL as a support act of her world tour in 2014.Here’s an interview about how do they feel about meeting huge artists.
  • Skrillex invited Babymetal to his stage at EDM festival ULTRA Japan 2015.
    Here’s article of Billboard about their special collaboration.
  • ‘Metal God’ Rob Halford from Judas Priest sung ‘Painkiller, Breaking The Law’ with BABYMETAL at APMA in USA, 2016.


Countless of musicians adore babymetal. You can see more images of artists with Babymetal here.





BABYMETAL is definitely a ‘must-see’ band, especially in their home ground JAPAN.

Get your tickets here now!

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